Stuck in my Relationship

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I am stuck in my relationship!  Although I have a nice boyfriend, I can’t imagine being his wife.   What we have just doesn’t give me that butterfly effect.  I know leaving is the better option for both of us, but I can’t seem to cross that road.  Please help!



Dear Miss StickyTape


You already made it halfway across the road by acknowledging the issue and seeking help.  Still, this brings us to the middle of the road.   If we must decide between something we like and something we dislike, the answer is pretty easy.  It is when we fall between 2 things we like, where things become tricky.

When we need to make life decisions, we almost always start by questioning ourselves.  That is why it is important to ask the right questions!!!

  • Why are you already in the middle of the road?   If you were sure of your future with him, you would have stayed right where you were, né? Never ignore your imaginary friend: Miss Intuition!

  • What is making you look back?   If it is the TIMES you had, move on honey, there are more hours to come and adventures to face.  If it is the COMFORT ZONE, get yourself a comfy couch and relax on your own.  You can’t move forward by looking back

  • What is making you look to the future?  If there is someone waiting on the other side of the road for you (you know the grass is greener there because there is more sh*t!).  Problem with being in the middle of the road is, you get traffic, you get scared and vulnerable.  Don’t believe all you hear!

  • As I said… Vulnerable!!  If your boyfriend makes a beautiful promise for the 10th time, you’ll believe him!   If the guy on the opposite side of the road promises you the perfect life, you’ll believe him.  Your friends and family will all pee a spot to mark their opinions.  Now this is the catch… You need to cut everyone’s opinions (now don’t go and unfriend the lot, they’ll unfriend you eventually), this is your life, YOU DECIDE!!!  Don’t ever wonder what someone else will say when you make an honest to heart decision.

  • If you leave, how would an average week look like for you?
We repeat what we don’t repair!  

Now close your eyes, well, after you read this, then close your eyes and imagine a vivid picture in your head. 

Imagine continuing the life you have now with your current boyfriend.  Think about things like your own ambition, happiness, time together, future dreams, compatibility etc. 

Then, think about your life without him.  The decisions you will make, where you will go and how you will keep yourself busy.  Think about the same things… future plans, work etc. 

One of 2 things will happen…. 

You will feel that you miss your boyfriend and want to call him.  Then this is probably the man you love, you just wished he had a little more spunk or muscles or humor..  Communication is necessary to solve this issue.

If you got so excited about your future alone and you thought about all the people and places you want to visit or the new business opportunity you want to target, that you already have your diary in your hand to start planning. 

Then I am sorry to say, do this the Johnny Walker Way!


Don’t get run over by just sitting there! 




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Date : 12 Sep 2018

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