You deserve the best life! You are important.  You can overcome any attack from the devil with a little help and compassion.  I will guide you all the way and give you the tools to walk through this life and conquer!  Life is fun – you should experience it too!  Life-coaching focuses on moving forward and leaving the past behind.

I am not a promoter of divorce, but in some instances, it is inevitable.  If you have to go through a divorce, I believe it should be in a respectful and dignified matter, for both you and your kids.  Therefore I will handle your divorce, legally binding, without lawyers, unnecessary costs and timeous court processes.

Trauma can be paralyzing and life-threatening.  It can steal your joy and time and even isolate you from life.  But Trauma can be overcome! With this new Trauma technique, you can achieve the ultimate freedom to overcome an intoxicating lifestyle and turn it into a life worth living. There is no better day to start than today!



Coaches and Mentors of South Africa – SAQA-recognised professional body.

MEDIATION ACADEMY accredited in 18 Countries. *Cum Laude

Certified Life-Coach – South Africa & UK  *Cum Laude

BSP New York – 52 countries International Accreditation

ISO 9001:2015 certified – International Qualification *Cum Laude

A subsidiary of GNG – International Registration – *Cum Laude

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