I am a NEUTRAL PARTY and removed from the conflict that can help resolve issues that you may not have reached on your own.

I will be by your side every stage of the mediation process, paying meticulous attention to:

This way you can avoid the Courtroom battle and settle outside the formal setting of a Courtroom with your fate in the hands of a Civil Servant who has never met you   OR   taken the time to get to know you, your children or your life.

Mediation is a dignified approach to customise your case in a peaceful and confidential way


Divorce is one of the most emotional and overwhelming experiences you can ever go through, not only on you as a couple, but also on many other, especially minor children, as an aftershock of the 


Let me know when you are ready to let me help you guide this devastating process in the best way to protect all the hearts that are combined in this process.

Marriage is a chain that unites an entire network of people & circumstances. Cutting the chain can be devastating and leave scattered loose ends over your lives. It is crucial to have a dignified & respectful divorce, for the sake of everyone.
What used to be ‘ours’ suddenly becomes, “mine and yours”. Having guidance in determining what the correct and legal distribution is, is a key factor to having a successful agreement, which includes: Money, gifts, inheritance, property etc.
Children, especially minors, are a dominating factor to consider when a divorce is inevitable. Plans are prepared according to age, special needs, etc. The prize is not the procession of the child, but the progression of the child.

The Difference Between Mediation & Litigation

10 Reasons to Mediate

In Mediation, the fate of your future is not dependant on the competency of a lawyer and the verdict of a judge that you have never met.  You are 100% in control of determining the outcome.

Mediation can take anything from 6 weeks to 6 months (depending on your individual cooperation) which is far better than the average 3 years it takes with Litigation.

Your emotional well-being has a divine influence on how you think, feel and behave in daily life.  It also influences your ability to cope with stress, overcome challenges, build relationships and recover from life’s setbacks and hardships.  By avoiding a court battle, you are able to promote your emotional well-being.

With Mediation, the number 1 concern is to ensure the child’s safety and well-being.  Once that is done, all the parties can work together to plan the child’s future.

Mediation is not influenced by power, personal connections, financial benefits to afford better lawyers, qualifications or any other factor, placing one party in a more beneficial position than the other.  In Mediation, both parties have equal inputs and stand on the same grounds. 

Every person is different and unique, and so is every marriage.  In Mediation it is taken into account when dealing with cases, whereas in court, every situation is handled based on legalities. 

Mediation is a quicker process, where every person has 100% input and opportunity to state their views.  It is not a court battle, but rather a dual negotiation, resulting in less stressful situations.

Mediation happens in a closed consulting room, which is completely confidential.  Communications are not disclosed and no recordings are made.  In a standard court battle, exactly the opposite happens.  In very limited circumstances, pertaining to the well-being of children or threatened criminal acts, confidentiality may be set aside.

Filing fees and admin costs are all included in the initial session prices.  You will not be billed extra for every phone call or email of document etc.  Payments can be planned beforehand, without additional hidden costs

The Process

Do you have more Question?


Good, I have more answers!

Divorce is one of the most devastating situations.  My wish for all is to be happy in their relationships and if it means getting a divorce to be happy as individuals, I will respect your decisions.  I will help you with your legally binding divorce, all the documentation and the administrative court procedures.  You don’t need to go to court unless you have a VERY complicated case.  I will assist you both, keep you in control of your outcome and take some time to understand what your opinions and feelings are. 

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