Relationship Life-Coaching helps you overcome your past, face your fears, grow your potential, overcome trauma and find yourself through practical activities, guidelines and goal plans.   

Visible changes and incredible results are seen on a daily basis! 

Life Coaching is a profession that is profoundly different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counselling.

– and it is super effective!

Let me explain!

Have you ever seen the following store directory  sign in the mall:

Do you notice the  “YOU ARE HERE”  sign?

Well, that, my friend, is a Life-Coach!

The Moment you realize that you are lost in the mall, you make your way to the information sign.  When you get there, you determine only 2 places:
  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to go?

Same with Life-Coaching.

In a place of confusion, you find a coach who will help you analyze your current situation, identifying potential challenges and help you create a custom future plan, all the while, giving you guidance in the right direction.  Life-coaching does not focus on the past, mainly because you cannot change the past, but you can change your future!!


“Part professional, part motivational speaker, part informant and part


– UK Newsweek

Life-Coaching Misconceptions:

  • “Anyone can be a life coach and coaches do not require training.”  Not at all.  Although there are certain, quick online courses, make sure that your Life-Coach is COMENSA Certified.  I   am, wink wink!
  • “Coaching is like unlicensed therapy.” Just because Life-Coaching is a different technique and approach, with seemingly different results, does not qualify it as unlicensed therapy.
  • “Coaching is for people with current or past problems.”  Although Life-coaching will generate immense transformation for these individuals, coaching is also a means of ‘insurance’.  You need to have it before you need it!  It a truly beneficial to invest in coaching before you hit a speed bump.
  • “Coaches let you vent, then they offer advice.”  Coaches do need to have great listening skills, but delivering high-quality coaching is far more than giving advice.   It demands that the coach be able to draw on a deep base of knowledge, experience and training to craft unique solutions for each scenario and work with the client to implement them. Coaches are objective and will offer unbiased opinions about how to move toward accomplishing your goals. 

Therefore, it is important to realize that even a great strategy won’t succeed without the right mindset to implement it.  Life-coaching will open doors that you never knew you had. 



6  +  3  equals  9


But so does


5  +  4

The way you do things, is not always the only way to do them!

Our Statistics

Divorce % before 10th Anniversary
Kids that are Bullied
Domestic Abuse

The SHOCKING facts

Looking at the above stats, I even thought the percentages are not that high. 

So I decided to do some more research and I was shocked:

  • 23 Suicides happen in South Africa EVERY DAY
  • On average, 25 326 marriages (which totals to 50 652 individuals) ends up in divorce in one year and the stats are growing.  
  • South African Grade 5 pupils reported the highest occurrence of bullying out of the 49 countries surveyed.
  • 1 in 5 women, has experienced Domestic Violence.
  • According to WHO, a suicide occurs every 40 seconds and an attempt is made every 3 seconds!! This is shocking!! 
  • On any given day, there were an estimated 437,465 children in foster care.


Kiki turned my life around after only 5 sessions.  I did not see any way out and today I feel empowered to have a positive influence on other people’s lives.  I could not have done this without Kiki.  Thank you for saving my life!




Sessions with Kiki was so informal and casual.  We clicked instantly and she has the power to, immediately, get your attention with many Aha-moments. 

Dan & Lisa

Dan & Lisa


Each session was amazing.  She feels like a real-life friend and really cares for her clients.  She makes you feel at home in her office.  Her tips and techniques left me speechless and I couldn’t wait to tell everyone what I’ve learned after each session.




Phenomenal! This woman is extraordinary.  I have been to many high-rated and expensive Psychological institutions/practitioners, but Kiki had a bigger influence in my life after 4 sessions, than all the others had after months!  Kiki, you saved me, and I am honored to know you!

Mrs. B

Mrs. B



Every Relationship/Marriage can be saved!  It will take hard work and dedication, but if you are willing to do your part and put down the weapons of mass destruction.  In relationships/marriages, it is not always about giving more, sometimes giving less is the answer to your stagnant, plateau.  In relationship coaching, we will work through all the applicable techniques, customised to your specific relationship needs.  No two people are the same, therefore I strongly believe that no recovery is the same.  Everyone should be treated differently as individuals to gain their lifelong smiles! 

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