How to spot a Narcissist on the First Date

Narcissists are all around us, but inviting them into our homes…

that is where the sheet hits the fan!

It all starts with the first day we meet them!   We dive unknowingly into their traps and before you know it, you are neck-deep in their sheet!  

This question from an intelligent lady, can help all of you to spot the narc before they manipu’date’ you!  

Did you forget the characteristics of a Narcissist?  No Worries – here are a few: 

Narcissist Checklist


These evil humans are toxic, unhealthy, unstable, abusive and they have a distorted view in life.  It is best to stay away from them! 

Check out this video before you go on a first date:

I really believe that if you make this list, as I mentioned, you will have great success in finding the right partner!

In life – you have to focus on the positive, but on a first date – you have to focus on the negative!

If you have any relationship questions – pop me an email or facebook or anywhere you can get hold of me, and maybe the next video will be the answer to your question!

Be Blessed and look after yourself!



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