What to do when he Dumps You and Takes you Back Continuously

When you become someone’s yo-yo, you set yourself up for a pretty rough, up and down ride!

Don’t demote yourself to a hamster, running in a wheel with no destination, controlled by someone else who does not see your value.  

If he (or she) kicks you out and makes the most beautiful promises


kicks you out again and begs that you come back


kicks you out again …blah blah blah

When is this going to stop?  Can you change this person? Will it stop? What do you do? 

In this video, I will share how you can change these behaviours to escape being someone’s toy!


1. Remember to ask your partner to make a list of everything they did wrong to hurt you.  This will show you if they are aware of all the things that hurt you.  Don’t give them your version until they’ve listed all they can think of.

2. Remember to ask yourself – why is he/she dumping you all the time and what are they doing to change it.

3. Check his/her routine

I do hope that it works out, but if it doesn’t, there is someone out there that can afford you…emotionally!


Be blessed, my friend!



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