Why It is So Hard To Change

Change – Everyone struggles with change!

Whether it is with diets, anxiety, break-ups, addiction or just everyday living, just when you think you are going to change, an hour passes and you are back to your own normal.   What are you doing wrong?

It is very important to understand why change is so difficult and how the mind and body work when you make the decision to change.  If you understand the complex part that is going on inside of you – Damn girl (or dude), you will rock your new lifestyle!

In short, I took some time to help you understand and explain to you why you only have 5% willpower to start the process of change.  Besides, it’s not you – it’s the blerrie 5% you have to your disposal!  I get it, I want you to get it too!


Listen to it here:


So, I told you that I will help you with a method to overcome the past in minutes.

Your wish is my command!

Here is the link for that video!

Let me know if this was helpful and if you have a question where I can help you out!  Head over to the Talk to me page and send me your questions!  I would love to help you improve your life to the best of your abilities!


Be blessed!



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