You can change a man

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When you say you can’t change a man, you are RIGHT! Well…halfway

Yes, he will always have that unsustainable love for cars, he will always be a loud critic when the rev has a team preference (and it’s not his).

He will always have a heavy foot when you are not there to backseat drive.

He will always have admin disabilities and he might not be your number 1 scrapbook cheerleader.

He will always have a wind blowing from the wrong side of his anatomy. He will be the remote-control major. He will always forget a date, forget to plan one or forget to say the right words. He’s a man – But he is YOUR man!

You are more than an influence – You have an impact.


You can change his view of life, his Kingship in the house. You have the power to get him back on the right track (he might not like that you are doing it, because, at that moment, you are a disciplinarian). You have the ability to help him open his eyes and see you for who YOU have been all this time.

Gil likes guy

In a way, you have a very sophisticated influence to make him see your importance. You can help him change the way he looks at you, change the way he touches you, smile at you and talk to you.

BUT don’t teach him! Let him learn from you! 

Pray for him and walk the road you want him to follow. Because if you try to pull him to the right path, you land up walking backwards and falling on your ass.

Walk with dignity, integrity, honour, respect and unconditional love, because you deserve the return on investment, the smile, the praise, the happiness and the unlimited priceless days to follow.


If he does not follow – you are running a race with no prize.

You cut yourself short, ‘cause you thought you had the value of a broken spaghetti string. When you start to realize your value, you won’t sell yourself cheap. You are worth more than you think. Someone out there is looking for someone exactly like you.

You ultimately hope that your man will open his eyes and came to your side of life, but no matter what happens – you will still be as priceless as the day you were born.

man with eyes wide open

Sometimes things in life only happen to bring you to your knees, so you can be in the right position to pray! Take advantage of your prayers – they can change circumstances to more than you have ever hoped for.


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