How to deal with Narcissistic In-laws

Narcissistic In-laws can negatively influence your marriage and your kids, what do you do when you can’t go NO-CONTACT?

You should always approach from LOVE, not FEAR. 

Fear is a Narcissistic Snack and they thrive when they solicit attention and drama and chaos.  If you don’t turn the tables, you will end up being the food that fills them up.  In order to stand your ground, you need to take small steps in the right direction.  In this video, I will discuss a few topics:

Determine if your In-laws are narcissistic

Should you tell your husband/spouse?

What about the kids?

How can you respond to their outbursts? etc.

The more information you have and the more familiar you become with how they think and react, the better your chances for surviving in their Universe. 

There are respectful ways to treat people who try to control and manipulate you by being superficial and superior.  Therefore you just have to learn all the tricks.

Narcissistic people don’t mirror behaviour, because they live in the rearview mirror – they are actually stuck in reverse gear to go the opposite direction.  For instance, if you are nice to them, they are mean to you.  If you make time for them, they will make less time for you – You get the picture… 

Listen to this video – Although everyone’s situation is different – it might hit the spot in your life.

If you have any questions about Narcissism or any Relationship question, shout in my direction, I love feedback from all of you and the answer to your questions might be helpful to other people.  We can help them together!

You can also hop over to my video on How to spot a Narcissist – This video is Afrikaans, if I get enough messages to do it again in English, I’d maybe consider 😉 

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